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"Image analysis platform combining AI with existing technology Providing a new value system and high quality experiences for the automobile sales business Creating business innovation for the next generation"

"The company name ATTOMM is derived from combining two atoms. The name was created to reflect our goal of using AI and existing technology to create new values, high quality experiences, and business innovation, and to develop these things to make them work for the next generation. The product of this effort is the AI vehicle image analysis platform 360.Car, made with a combination of deep learning and computer vision. In addition to taking beautiful photos of cars, it can also find and describe the ""meaning"" of the photos that have been taken. Our platform uses technology to solve problems in the automobile industry from distribution to sales, and create new values and high quality experiences. It is also able to offer more realistic information about the car, like the surrounding area when the car is bought, how comfortable it is, and how it feels to drive it through the wind, to connect the dealer and the end user on a deep level. This will change the way the automobile sales business is operated."

Artificial Inteligence


360.Car is an AI-based automobile photo analysis platform developed by us. When a 360° image of a car is sent to our server, it is processed on the cloud via inference processing. After detecting the parts of the car and direction it is facing, the platform finds/categorizes information like any damage to the car, and provides the inference results to the client. If automobile retailers were to adopt this platform, it would lead to higher quality, faster sales, and accelerated distribution, and alleviate the problem of a shortage of workers, among other things.

Image Recognition

Image recognition

Our image recognition technology can break down all information about an image, to automate the process of detecting features, such as object recognition, text detection, meaning detection, categorization, error detection, and detection of unsuitable images. Using deep learning, it can bring all visual elements into the digital world, from both photos and videos. We will increase the opportunities for the end user to see these visual elements as quickly as possible, so they know what it will be like when they buy the car (passengers, comfort, how it feels to drive, etc.). This will create new values and high quality experiences.


"Contributing to the used car market with deep learning-based vehicle image analysis"


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