We are looking for new team members who will work with us to realize our vision:

"Connecting people to change the world."

Engineers and designers will discuss things together as partners, share progress, and support each other. In this friendly atmosphere, focus on creating a good product.

engineer ENGINEER

"We are currently hiring web/app/infrastructure/QA engineers who will think with us about how to continually improve our service. Engineers working in this environment will have a lot of freedom at all levels, in areas such as middleware, architecture, and technology adoption. We welcome people who love new technology, or those who want to implement and manage new services. We look forward to receiving your application. "

designer DESIGNER

We are currently looking for UI/UX designers to help us build the website/application for our service. From creative direction over the branding layer to the UX/UI design to make it easy for customers to use, you will be able to design the entire site/app. If you think you won't be able to grow your skills with just basic operations work, we encourage you to apply to join our team.