Deep learning and Image recognition technology To sell used cars

Input the vehicle data by simply taking a 360° video of the car

"Input the vehicle data by simply taking a 360° video of the car" "A 360° image of the car is analyzed by AI. The AI does everything automatically, from detecting the car's make, model, parts, and damage, to creating a diagram."

Speeding up the used car sales process with analysis that takes only a few seconds

"The AI analysis only takes a few seconds per car. By quickly releasing this data after analysis, it will dramatically speed up the used car sales process."

Pioneering changes in business through collaboration with academia

"With collaboration between researchers at Japan's top universities, we are always on the cutting edge of technology, pioneering changes in the industry"

By expanding the use of algorithms, we increase the value added by the service

"By expanding our adaptable image recognition algorithms and API system, we will create more added value in new fields"


Integration with apps and websites increases user engagement

The API provided by 360.Car uses computer vision and deep learning to decide the angle the car is facing. In addition to detecting the make, model, and color, it can also detect flaws in each part of the car (damage, scratches, dents, rust, etc.). 360.Car is perfect for automobile-related businesses, used car dealerships, and auctions, and can be integrated with any application or website.

Creating more possible uses for the system with data, and building sales knowledge

The 360.Car API built into the app can detect cars via the camera or an image, and display information related to the manufacturer, model, etc. For example, it can use the data in the system to output the specifications, estimated price, closest dealer, and an insurance quote. There are also countless other possible uses for the system; a user could use it to book a test drive with the dealer, or get a quote from a used car buyer.

Reducing the cost and work of publishing vehicle data, and securing the profits.

A dealership employee just needs to take a 360° scan of the car, and the AI will automatically do everything, from detecting scratches/dents and other damage, to creating a diagram of the car. The scanned image can also be uploaded directly to one's website, the websites of various car dealerships, and social media. This will reduce overall costs by saving time and minimizing the effect of human error. It will ensure higher profits.



The customer uses a smartphone or video camera to film the exterior of the vehicle from all directions (360°), and uploads the footage


The system uses AI to determine the vehicle manufacturer, model, year, color, and plate number


The program uses the photos of the vehicle to detect the location of parts such as the right/left hand doors, the bumpers, and the wheels


The program detects the angle of the vehicle, stabilizes the video, and automatically cuts it leaving only the necessary parts


It automatically creates a diagram of the car


Automatically detects flaws in the car (damage, scratches, dents, rust, etc.)

360° image of the car is completed, and can be uploaded to websites and social media

Case Study Examples of the system being used in Japan

Our technology is used by used car dealerships, car auctions, and manufacturers in Japan and around the world.